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VPMaps is a new series I am making which is coming soon.

I will be reviewing maps that I have made or that have caught my eye. The maps I will review can be on any map and for any gametype, the maps I have posted on here and on ForgeHub will be reviewed in the future. So stay tuned and VPMaps is on the way!



“Many Forerunner Secrets have been unlocked, however this structure is shrouded in mystery and conflict”

Suspension is a small elevated map, which is good for small team based games such as Capture the Flag and Assault. As well as these, the map is also compatible with many more gametypes such as Invasion Skirmish and my own custom Territories gametype, Domination, which is linked below.

Min. Players: 02
Max. Players: 16

Supported Gametypes: 3-Plots , Assault , Custom Gametype , Multi Flag , Neutral Bomb , Neutral Flag , One Bomb , One Flag , Slayer , Team Slayer , Territories

Weapon list;
Rocket Launcher x1
Sniper Rifle x2
DMR x2
Needle Rifle x2
Plasma Rifle x2
Assault Rifle x2
Grenade Launcher x2
Frag Grenade x4
Plasma Grenade x4

Download Suspension Here!

Download Domination Here!


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