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Halo 4: Grifball

A game of the Halo 4 version of Grifball.

Halo 4: Grifball

Infinity must fend off an attack by Forerunner Prometheans.

Halo: Infinity: S1: Ep7

Halo 4: Infinity

A play through of the the 4th level of Halo 4’s campaign, Infinity. In this level Master Chief must reunite with the UNSC Infinity and its crew and hold off the Covenant attack and get the Infinity airborne.

Halo 4: Infinity

Hello everyone!

Back again for another update and recap!

This week I put up three videos including the cinematic episode for Spartan Ops episode 6 called Scattered featuring all new locations and missions. I also uploaded the Regeneration Field trick I mentioned last week and the continuation of my play through of Halo 4’s campaign with the 3rd mission Forerunner. The penultimate episode of my Reach series of VPMaps was also uploaded here I showcased my map Temple which is a medium sized map with a mix of indoor and exterior spaces.
The final episode of my Reach maps will be out soon and will focus on my map Sentinel, which is a small indoor map with multiple levels and some tight spaces.

After that I will start looking at my Halo 4 maps, beginning with a small map called Cenotaph which I will talk about more in the near future. In terms of future videos, I will be uploading mission 4 of the Halo 4 campaign and will hopefully be doing another lets play and maybe a map flythrough. In regards to the website, I will now be uploading a brief version of the Halo Bulletin from 343 and Halo Waypoint, so you can see the main points of the update and can also visit it yourself. The Minecraft series is still in development and should be rolling out sometime in the not to distant future.

That’s all from me this week, stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!


Halo 4: Forerunner

A play through of Halo 4’s 3rd campaign level, Forerunner, where Chief must battle to communicate to UNSC Infinity before it enters Requiem.

Halo 4: Forerunner

I show you how to use your Regeneration Field as an offence rather that a defence.

Halo 4: Regeneration Field Shockwave

“This ancient structure was once a place of peace and sanctity, but that peace has been shattered by the ring of conflict.”

In this episode I look at a medium sized map, Temple.

VPMaps: Episode 7: Temple

Hey guys.

The Halo bulletin was out yesterday and talked about a number of things. The bulletin mainly focused on matchmaking updates. First of all, Grifball returns next week. The game mode developed by Roosterteeth’s Burnie Burns which has exploded across the Halo community and has become one of Halo’s most played game types.
Also in the Bulletin was details on a number of updates coming to matchmaking, including some info from Kevin Franklin from the 343 War Games team which is featured below.

“CSR – Competitive Skill Rank

We have been working closely with several internal teams on optimizing the ranking system, and working to integrate it into your Waypoint player profile, accessible on web, phone and tablet.

More Details:

• You will have a unique CSR visible per playlist.
• Your highest CSR across all playlists will be promoted in the player profile on Halo Waypoint.
• CSR uses familiar 1-50 scale.
• When CSR launches, everyone will start with a fresh rating.
Our targeted launch date for CSR is April 2013, and we will be re-configuring some of our most competitive playlists to accommodate the launch of the feature.”

Also detailed was the introduction of some new playlists, including how there were going forward with the introduction of rotational playlists and that Team Double and Grifball will stay after their introduction. Also the future playlists were revealed including Grifball, Extraction and Infinity CTF all of which will receive more details later on.

In terms of Spartan Ops, episode 7 will launch Monday with all new locations and missions!

That was a brief overview, but click here to read the Bulletin for yourself.

See you next time!

Halo: Infinity: S1: Ep6 – Scattered

Weekly Update #4 (19/01/13)

Hello folks!

Back again for another update!

This week has been a little slow in terms of videos and I apologise. I have been a  little busy as I have had some job interviews and other job related tasks which has taken up some of my video making time. I did manage to upload a lets play with me and Lewis, who is my brother and sometimes helps me with some of my videos. We played 3 games of  Halo 4 matchmaking in different modes. I hope to release more of these in the future. Regarding future videos, this coming week I hope to upload another episode of  VPMaps where I will be looking at my map, Temple. I also hope to upload some other videos which should come out in the week, including a trick involving the regeneration field armour ability.

I am in the process of working on a Minecraft series of lets plays. The series will involve 3 people, myself, Lewis and another of my friends, where we will be taking on one of the most inhospitable seeds I have found so far. The seed was found by me  and my friend Jamie, the same friend which will be in the videos. We vowed never to go back until we were ready. Now after many worlds and different houses and structure, we venture back to try to survive. I have made a trailer for the series which I which I will upload either this week on the next, depend on the development of the series.

In terms of my Halo playing, I have joined a clan to, hopefully, revive the days of when I played with friends day after day doing customs and multiplayer alike, like back in the day of Halo 3.

That’s all from me this week, so I will catch you next time and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!