Hello all!

It feels like an eternity since I did one of these, but I have been very busy with other matters and have not been able to edit my the site as much as I would have hoped.

However, as you may have noticed the site has gone through some changes. I have had some spare time and have changed the theme of the site to make it more custom-made and has given me some additional tools to add some features to the site to make it easier to navigate and look at.

I have also taken the time to post all the videos from my YouTube channel on to the site so now both channel and site are up to date with each other and I can now start to use the site and channel in unison.

In terms of videos, I have posted many videos posted by 343i and other companies which covered Halo 4’s launch and I was fortunate enough to be able to play it at Eurogamer Expo in London. Unfortunately, I have not had a great deal of my own time to create original videos and I will talk a little bit about that now.

I have had to do a lot of travelling back and forth from places and I could not bring my HD PVR everywhere I went, but I managed to create videos when I could. I am now back at home and can re-establish my flow of videos. In regards to that, here is some of the content I have planned. Over the next few days I plan to upload all of the Spartan Ops cinematic episodes, for people to see if they don’t have Xbox live or if another factor hinders them from view them. I also plan on releasing another VPMaps episode. this next episode will still be in Reach, as I still have a few good maps I would like to share and it would give me more time to find and create maps in Halo 4 to showcase in future episodes, which should become a lot easier for both you and me when 343i have established the file share system in Halo 4. As for Operation: Coastline, I am hoping to get Episode 3 out in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to filming this episode as it will be good to jump back into the classic that is Halo 3 and hopefully I will be able to get some good ODST footage for this particular episode. On the easter egg/glitches side of things, I hope to upload all 5 Red vs Blue Spartan Ops easter eggs in the next few weeks and continue my playthrough of Halo 4’s campaign and multiplayer maps. I must apologise, however for the length of time in between videos and episodes. It is quite difficult for me to create these videos on a frequent basis as it is just me working on them, but I will try my best to get as much out as I can.

That’s all from me this week, I will hopefully be doing an update every week from now on, as well as giving this site a little bit more attention.

See you next week.