Hello All!

2nd update for the month, I said I would be back!

This past week I have put out several videos including all 5 Spartan Ops cinematic episodes and the rest should follow in a few weeks when the other half of series 1 is released. I also released episode 6 of VPMaps which looked at a map called Outlook. I have 2 more Reach maps to show and will release those episodes in the coming weeks and then it is onward to Halo 4 maps. Where Halo 4 maps are concerned, I already have 3 maps lined up to showcase, as I said in VPM Ep6.

As for future videos, I hope to do some more Halo 4 easter eggs, tricks, Machinima and maybe even a lets play! I have also considered expanding my channel and doing some videos in Minecraft as well as Halo as it as given other channels such as Greenskull’s ReadyUpLive and he himself even told me it seemed like a good idea and he has gained huge success with his Minecraft escapades. So hopefully you will be seeing some Minecraft edge into frame on my channel, but don’t worry, Halo will always have a main place on my channel and my site and channel will remain primarily Halo.

That’s all from me this week, so subscribe, follow,  like and visit the site for more!
See you next week.