Hello all!

It is time to reflect upon the week just passed and get ready for the next.

This week I uploaded five videos, the first was my play through of Halo 4’s 4th level of Halo 4′s campaign, Infinity. In this level Master Chief must reunite with the UNSC Infinity and its crew and hold off the Covenant attack and get the Infinity airborne. The next was the cinematic episode from the 7th part of Spartan Ops season 1, Invasion, where Infinity is under attack by the Prometheans and the Covenant. Also on Monday, there was a war games update which introduced Grifball as a playlist, I consequently uploaded a match of Halo 4’s Grifball. My last episode of VPMaps in Reach was released on Friday, which showcased the map Sentinel. Many of the maps I intend  to show in future VPMaps episodes have been created and enough have been finished to give me time to make a lot more while the episodes come out. I also uploaded a video of a feat I achieved in a war games match where I used a Warthog to get me to the blue teams base where a subsequently stole their Mantis and managed to get a Rampage before finally being brought down.

Also a bonus video was uploaded to my channel only for the time being. I spoke last week about my Minecraft series being developed and I can now confirm that it has arrived. Minecraft: The Legend of Toes Trailer was uploaded to my channel and the first episode will be up next week.

In regards to future videos I hope to upload Halo: Infinity episode 8 when it is released and continue my play through of Halo 4. I also hope to upload episode 9 of VPMaps which will focus on a symmetrical small map called Cenotaph.

That’s all from me this week so I will see you in the next!

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