Hello everyone!

Welcome to another update.

This week the amount of videos that were released was plentiful. At the beginning of the week the cinematic episode of Spartan Ops episode 10 was released. This episode was a 2 part cinematic, the first, titled Exodus, was shorter than a normal however it did not fail to deliver. In the first part, Jul Mdama, believing he has the Key takes the wounded Halsey and evacuates Requiem, but not before he initiates a command which alters the shield worlds orbit to pass into the nearby star, thus destroying it. Meanwhile on the Infinity, Lasky must find away to detach the Infinity from Requiems orbit and must deactivate 3 Forerunner devices. One is already in there possession, so Palmer, Majestic and Crimson must deactivate the remaining devices before Requiem is destroyed. In the 2nd part entitled, Epilogue, crimson and Majestic complete there objects and quickly speed back to Infinity where the massive vessel narrowly escapes the exploding star. Jul finds out that he needs both parts of the Key for it to work and Halsey will help him in turn for revenge on the UNSC for attempting to assassinate her and the story ends leaving us in the dark for what might come in next season or Halo 5.

Next, I uploaded the continuation of my Halo 4 play through with the level Composer, the 7th level of Halo 4’s campaign. In this level Master Chief, having stowed away aboard a Covenant Lich, follows the Didact to Halo Installation 03 where the Didact seeks a Forerunner weapon known as the Composer. Chief must try to stop the Didact while dealing with his rampant AI, Cortana.

In the middle of the week, episode 11th episode of VPMaps was released, this time the map Keystone was featured. Keystone is a symmetrical, small map with 3 levels and side platforms so that there are many options for combat situations and positions of fire.

Later in the week, I continued with my Halo 3 play through with the 2nd level of Halo 3, Crows Nest, where  Master Chief, the Arbiter and other marines must defend the UNSC base, Crows Nest, while a bomb is prepared for detonation and the base is evacuated.

Ans finally Episode 3 of my Minecraft series, The Legend of Toes was released. In this episode Owen finds materials and goes for the safe option, while Jamie works on his house while singing Disney songs and insists on Owen’s help with no avail. The pair then ascend the mountain of Toes and get a nice view of their island home.

In terms of next weeks videos, seeing as there is no more Spartan Ops I will be doing a fly through of all of the Majestic map pack maps, which include Skyline, Monolith and Landfall. After that the last level of Halo 4’s campaign, Midnight, will be released and VPMaps episode 12 featuring the asymmetrical, medium sized map, Recourse, will also be released. My Halo 3 play through will continue with the 3rd level, Tsavo Highway. Episode 4 of The Legend of Toes will also be released.

So until next week, this is Vezuvius signing out, don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!