What’s up, guys!

Welcome to another weekly update.

This week played host to an array of Halo news, as well as videos. The Halo 4 file share system was launched meaning that files from Halo 4 can now be shared and downloaded. You can read more about it here. Also, on Monday, the Majestic map pack brought three new multiplayer maps to Halo 4. Halo Waypoint and IGN put out some content on these maps and so did I, which brings us to this past weeks videos.

Early in the week, I uploaded 3 map flythroughs of the Majestic maps; Landfall, Skyline and Monolith. In my opinion I think these maps are some of the best that Halo 4 has so far. Their size and feel really bring back the memories of classic Halo multiplayer, so well done to 343 and Certain Affinity.

Also, early in the week, my Halo 4 Campaign play through has nearly come to an end as the final mission of Halo 4, Midnight, was uploaded. In the climax of Halo 4, Chief and Cortana must board the Didacts ship and stop him using the Composer and neutralise the threat to Humanity.

Mid week, the 12th episode of VPMaps launched showcasing the map Recourse. This is an asymmetrical map where each team has different equipment to combat the other, in the form of vehicle and power weapons. The map is loosely based on the map Last Resort from Halo 3 as one team has vehicles to play with while the other team has a chance to counter them with power weapons, however each team has an equal chance to grab the weapons in the centre. Also now that the file share is working, I have added links the the Halo 4 episodes so you can now download the maps featured in the episodes and will continue to do so for future episodes.

More campaign talk now, as I continued my play through Halo 3 with the 3rd level of Halo 3’s campaign, Tsavo Highway. In one of my favourite Halo 3 levels, Chief must retreat from the destroyed Crows Nest with the remaining Marine survivors. They mount up and roll out across the savannah and wreckage of what was once the outskirts of New and Old Mombasa. Fighting past packs of Brutes and lances of Jackals and Grunts, Chief must try and rendezvous with the UNSC in Voi, while the Covenant throws as many Choppers and Wraiths as the can to try and stop him.

Later in the week, things turned pixelated and blocky as Jamie and I continued our adventure in the world of Toes. Episode 4 was released this week, where Jamie tells of how to run away from a bear and finally gets a roof over his head, while Owen just sits back and wonders if Jamie will live through the night or will has stupidity result in a kiss with a Creeper…

That’s all of this week, now onto the next.

As Spartan Ops is finished and there is no more new Halo content coming, on Monday I will begin another play through of another Halo title and it will be none other than the critically acclaimed Halo 2. The first bit of Halo 2’s campaign will be uploaded and I continue with another level every week. The Epilogue of Halo 4’s campaign wasn’t launched alongside Midnight last week due to technical issues to I will upload it on Tuesday as usual with Halo 4’s campaign. Mid week, the 13th episode of VPMaps will be released looking at the map, Sentry. This a small symmetrical map and is a remake of one of my previous maps, Sentinel. Halo 3’s campaign will also continue with the 4th mission, The Storm, where Master Chief must take out some Covenant armour to allow for a UNSC counter attack. At the end of the week as usual Episode 5 of the Legend of Toes will be released and we will see what Jamie and I get up too after this weeks episode.

So until next week, I will see you later and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!