Hello folks!

Welcome to another recap of the passed week.

This week brought the usual batch of videos, however, at the beginning of the week, due to the lack of Spartan Ops and the new map videos in last weeks Monday slot, this meant I had to make something new for Mondays. So, this Monday marked the beginning of a new feature to my channel in the form of a campaign play through, only this time it is in the legendary Halo title, Halo 2.

This week started with the first mission, Cairo Station and the cut-scenes and tutorial with preceded it. At the start of Halo 2 in the Covenant Holy City, High Charity, amidst of the wreckage of Halo Installation 04, several prophets question an Elite Commander on how he let the Halo ring be destroyed and is branded a heretic for failing to protect it. Elsewhere in the galaxy, on a UNSC MAC weapons platform Master Chief has been given upgraded armour and tests its capabilities before he and Sgt Johnson head to their reward ceremony for their actions on Halo. Just as the medals are given, Cortana reports that a Covenant fleet has arrived in the solar system and begins the attack Earth and the Station. Master Chief and the Marines on board must defend the station at all costs, while the daughter of Jacob Keyes, Miranda, must pilot her ship and prepare to assault the enemy ships.

The next video came in the form of the Epilogue of Halo 4 where Master Chief is rescued from the wreckage of the Didacts ship and taken back to Infinity, where he and Lasky have a talk about Earth and Chiefs loss. The aftermath of the Didacts attack is seen in the city of New Phoenix and Chief heads a Spartan armouring station to take off his armour for the first time in the Halo series.

Mid-week, as per usual, the next episode of VPMaps was released which took a look at the remake of an earlier VPMap, Sentinel. If you watch the series you may remember that the map is small and symmetrical with lots of cover and structures, making the map host to many different zones where encounters can be, without someone interfering from the other side of the map. Little has changed in the Halo 4 counterpart, similarly named Sentry, the is only some minor differences. Due to Halo 4’s new forge some forge peices from Reach had to be exchanged, as they are no longer in the game. The same can be said for weapons as guns like the Spiker and the Needle Rifle are not present in Halo 4, other weapons had to substitute for them.

Towards the end of the week, I continued my Halo 3 Campaign play through with the level, The Storm. In this mission, Master Chief has escaped Crows Nest and arrived in Voi. Now with other UNSC forces, he must push through the Covenant lines and destroy several anti-air targets in the form of Fuel Rod Wraiths and huge plasma cannons, so that Lord Hood can strike the Prophet of Truth with and aerial assault in a counter attack against the Covenant.

Also at the end of the week, it was Minecraft’s time to shine as Jamie and I voyaged once more into the world of Toes in, Minecraft: The Legend of Toes: Episode 5. In this episode, we both gather materials mainly so Jamie can finally finish off parts of his house and I take a trip round the Island of Toes in a boat and make some discoveries. Jamie on the other hand, finishes his ground floor and can finally sleep in safety, but he insists on making another floor to his house, while I spruce up the ol’ homestead with a painting.

That was last week, now onto the next!

On Monday I will be continuing will my Halo 2 play through with the level Outskirts, where Chief and other marines must land in Old Mombasa and round up the surviving marines, so that they can clear any hostiles from the city. As for Halo 4’s campaign slot, I have something new in the works, but I will talk about that later on in the week. In the middle of the week VPMaps episode 14 will be out, looking at the map Sub Zero which is a remake of the Halo CE map Chill Out and the Halo 3 map Cold Storage. It is very true to the original, however it was an absolute pain in the bum to build and I ended up using so many forge pieces that the dynamic lighting no longer works… But I will release it nevertheless so you can have a look. Later in the week, I will continue with Halo 3 and the level Floodgate, where the parasitic Flood have crashed on earth and is starting to infect the local area. Episode 6 of The Legend of Toes will also be released, where the Toes Islanders continue their adventure.

So that’s all from me this week!

I will see you later and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!