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Like I said in the recent weekly update, I will be doing a video or something similar to this.

I have recently started developing the 3rd episode of my machinima Operation: Coastline. The last episode left the 2 main characters with a dangerous Covenant prisoner in their hands, who destroyed a UNSC outpost and the spartans within it. In this episode they bring him back to their base for questioning but you will hear more about that sequence nearer the time of release.

I want to share a section of the script where Colonel Shore is visited by an ONI Major who updates Shore about the situation in New Mombasa;

“November 1st 2552

Col shore, on aegis fate, is approached my his LT

LT: Sir there is an ONI Officer here to see you

S: Ah send him through

Officer approaches shore on the command centre

O: Sir, Major Ortega, I would begin with pleasantries but I must discuss a more pressing matter. I assume you are aware of the situation in Mombasa?

S: Yes a carrier performed and in atmosphere jump and caused extensive damage.

O: That’s not all sir, our recon suggest that the covenant ships are using their beam weapons they use to glass planets to blow away large portions of land and, from what we can tell, they are excavating, like they have done on our colony worlds.

S: Do you have an idea of what they are digging for?

O: Not exactly but we can tell that the covenant ships are digging in a huge diameter which covers most of Mombasa, the majority of the digging has yet to start but we calculate it is only a matter of time.

S: So what would you advise?

O: Well there is not a lot we can do. Their ships are too many and too powerful for us to launch a successful counter attack, the best thing we can do is get as many of our forces out of the city before it is too late.

S: I’ll get our pelicans in the air to airlift them out, hopefully they will be small enough to sneak under their radar.

O: Alright then sir, good luck, I will be in contact.

O leaves and S looks back at the screens”

This sequence is near the end of the episode and leaves a good place to round the episode off.  I have begun filming the episode and will begin voice-work shortly after, along with putting the whole thing to music.

Stay tuned for more updates and episode 3’s release!

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