Hello Everyone!

Time for another update to the previous week and the next.

At the start of the week I continued my play through of Halo 2’s campaign. This week it was with the mission Metropolis, where, after reaching the bridge to New Mombasa, Master Chief must try to get to Regrets carrier. However there is still hundreds of Covenant soldiers in his way. Chief and a select group of Marines must head across the bridge using Tanks and Warthogs facing Wraiths, Ghosts and a large number of infantry. After regrouping with some other marines, a Covenant Scarab emerges and Chief must take it out before he can board the carrier. However just after the Scarab is destroyed, the carrier starts to open a slip-space portal and Chief and the marines head back to In Amber Clad and chase the ship through its portal. The resulting shock wave from such a low jump causes huge damage to the city.

Next, VPMaps Episode 15 was uploaded where I looked at a remake of the Halo CE map Wizard and the Halo 2 map Warlock, called Mage. It is very similar to its predecessors, in terms of structure, however weapons are different and obviously some bits of the map are different due to Halo 4’s forge pieces. Although, it was a pleasure to build and I thought it turned out well.

Towards the end of the week, I continued my other campaign play through. For Halo 3, I continued the play through with the mission The Ark. Master Chief, the UNSC and the Elites have gone through the portal on Earth to discover a massive Forerunner installation. Chief must go down to the surface to clear a space for the frigate, Forward Unto Dawn, so reinforcements can be delivered. Chief and UNSC forces must then battle through lines of Wraiths, Ghosts and even a Scarab to get to the Installations Cartographer to find truths location so he can be put to justice.

And finally at the end of the week, Minecraft edged into frame with The Legend of Toes Episode 7. In this episode I continue making good progress with my new house, unlike Jamie how tries to make glass and moans about the dirt under his house. Also someone dies on the Island, watch the episode to find out!

Other than videos, on Tuesday, I put up a special preview of Operation: Coastline Episode 3. This episode, called Interrogation, is a work in progress and I am working on it in between my other videos. Last week I put a preview of the script with some dialogue between a Colonel and an ONI Operative. Check it out here!

Speaking of Operation: Coastline, I said last week that I would begin filming and I am a man of my word. On the weekend I filmed a scene with 2 characters who may or may not be ODST’s, but more news nearer its release.

Next week there will be the usual flurry of videos. At the beginning of the week the Halo 2’s will resume with the level The Arbiter, where we jump into the shoes of the Arbiter for the first time and he must travel to a gas mine and neutralize a heretic. Also VPMaps episode 16 will be out and I will be looking at a small symmetrical map called Perigon, stay tuned for it. Also Halo 3’s campaign will continue with the level, The Covenant where the UNSC and the Elites have found the Prophet of Truth and he has locked himself inside the Arks control room. Master Chief, Sgt. Johnson and the Arbiter must take squads to 3 towers to deactivate the shield and get to the Prophet, however, not all goes to plan… As usual the duo return for the penultimate episode of Toe will be out, stay tuned!

So that’s it for the recap!

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