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Welcome to a belated Weekly Update!

This week kicked of with the continuation of Halo 2 with Sacred Icon, where the Arbiter is tasked with retrieving the Index, the key to firing the Halo ring. To get to it, he must first pass through the Sentinel Wall, a safeguard for the Library, which houses the index. However it is more than just Sentinels he must face as the Flood have infested the area. with the help of a few Grunts and Jackals he finds along the way the Arbiter must journey to the other side of the wall.

After that Operation: Coastline: Episode 3: Interrogation after over a months work, was finally released. in this episode, Hardy and McCowan bring back the Elite to Outpost C-9 for questioning, but when they try for days and get nothing they ask Col. Shore if he can be transferred to a high security facility, which is approved. The two then get the Elite and leave for the facility, codename; Stand Off. Meanwhile in New Mombasa two ODST’s encounter a group of Covenant and they go head to head before realising they need to leave the city before it becomes overrun. On the Aegis Fate Col. Shore meets with Major Ortega from ONI and discuss the the Covenants plans with New Mombasa.

Towards the later half of the week, VPMaps: Episode 20 was out and looked at the small, multi-tiered map, Atrium.The map features 3 tiers each with their own power weapon in the centre and platforms around the edges and leading into the middle.

Also, Halo 3: ODST continued with the level Uplift Reserve. After Rookie finds Dares helmet, he goes in search for more clues about his squads whereabouts, He comes across and UAV Drone’s camera which causes a flashback of what happened to Dutch when he landed. 30 mins after drop Dutch lands in New Mombasa’s nature reserve which is now filled with Covenant. After grouping up with some marines, he gets new orders to go through the reserve and try to clear of Covenant and help marines, before trying to secure the former landing site of Regrets carrier, But before he can, Orbital Elevator collapses and forces Dutch to exit the reserve back into the city.

As the week drew to a close, Minecraft popped into frame and Minecraft: The Guide to Survival: Episode 3 was released where I showed you how to get materials by mining and craft better tools from Iron and made sheers to get wool. I also explored my surroundings a bit.

So, on to next week.

At the start of the week Halo 2 with continue with the level Quarantine Zone, where Arbiter meets up with his fellow elites and embarks on a journey of vehicular combat with the Flood through to the Library’s entrance. Once there, he then enters a gondola with a group of elites and a phantom for support, which he rides to the Library itself before learing a terrible truth. After that VPMaps: Episode 21 will be out and will look at another map feature. Near the end of the week ODST’s Campaign will continue with Kizingo Boulevard, where Mickey must group up with some marines and, using a Scorpion tank, blast through Covenant armour and help the marines before running into a friendly face. Minecraft: The Guide to Survival Episode 3 will also be out at the end of the week.

As for Operation: Coastline, I am continuing with it and will have an update for you soon.

So that’s all for this week!

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