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Rookie goes in search of more clues and finds a used BioFoam cannister used to treat Romeo, by the entrance to Kikowani Train Station. With Romeo injured, the squad decide to get out of the city via train. However when they get to the station, they find the station filled with hostiles. Buck plans to now get out by air, so the squad secure a Phantom and Buck escorts them through the station, by Banshee, out of the city.

Halo 3:ODST: Kikowani Station

The Arbiter and the SpecOps Leader, Rtas Vadum, lead a charge down the canyons and ravines towards Delta Halos Control Room. After facing off against packs of Brutes, Spectres and Wraiths and rescuing allies on the way, the Arbiter makes an unlikely ally with Sgt. Johnson, who has captured a Scarab Tank and they both decide to assault the control room. The Arbiter then faces of with Tartarus while the humans deactivate the ring.

Halo 2: The Great Journey

In this episode, I show you how to do some farming and I do some more mining and collect more resources.

Minecraft: The Guide to Survival: Episode 5

“This New Alexandria complex was once filled with workers, but once the Covenant invaded, the building became a warzone.”

In this episode, I look at the urban-styled map, Annex.


VPMaps: Episode 24: Annex

Dutch and Mickey arrive to pick up Buck and Romeo from the roof top of a New Mombasa high rise, but just as they touch down, their Pelican is hit by Banshee’s and crashes onto the roof of the New Mombasa Police Department. Buck and Romeo must reach them before the Covenant do and watch their own backs at the same time.


Master Chief must race to get aboard Truth’s ship before he takes off, however the Flood were on In Amber Clad when it crashed and has begun infesting the city.

Halo 2: High Charity

Hello all!

Welcome to a short and sweet weekly update!

This week started with the continuation of Halo 2, with the level, Uprising. In this level the Abiter is sent, by the Gravemind, to the gullies and ravines surrounding Delta Halo’s Control Room. The Arbiter heads through the cliffs to find the ground littered with the corpses of Elites, who have been killed by Brutes. He kills the Brutes surrounding a structures entrance and finds an Elite who has survived. Drop pods then smash to the ground with Elite reinforcements and the group heads inside the structure to kill any Brutes in their way and make their way through the cliffs and caves. After taking on the Brutes in Ghosts and Wraiths the Arbiter comes to the other side of the cliffs, where a Wraith bares down on him, however it turns out that the Arbiters friend, Rtas Vadum is inside and they both go to break the doors to the Control Room and stop Tartarus from firing the Ring.

After that came VPMaps episode 23, where I looked at the map Regolith. Regolith is a unique map for me as it is mostly made with natural pieces like rocks and trees to make it look like the bases and structures are part of or built into the cliffs. I thought the map turned out well, even though it only took me about 6 hours to make.

As for Halo 3: ODST and Minecraft, I had to give them a miss this week as it was my birthday this weekend and was busy for the whole weekend and had no time to make the videos. However I am moving Halo 3: ODST’s slot to Wednesday, so that my content is more spread out. Minecraft, The Guide to Survival will continue next week.

Next week will start with the Halo 2 level High Charity, where Chief must battle through the now Flood infested High Charity, to board Truths ship and ride it back to Earth, so he can stop the Prophet. Halo 3: ODST’s campiagn will continue with the level NMPD Headquarters  where Buck and Romeo must get to Dutch and Mickey before the Covenant do, after they crash on a nearby rooftop. After that VPMaps episode 24 will be out looking at another map. Minecraft will return in The Guide to Survival episode 5, where I continue my Minecraft journey.

And that’s all for this update!

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“This structure was like most on Delta Halo yet its mysterious electromagnetic aura suggested it was more than a Forerunner ruin.”

In this episode, I look at the rocky, natural looking map, Regolith.


VPMaps: Episode 23: Regolith

While the Master Chief was pursuing Truth, the Arbiter was sent to another location, the area surrounding Delta Halo’s control room. As he heads into the cliffs and gully’s, he finds dozens of murdered Elites. On knowing that Tartarus and the Brutes are responsible, he rounds up other Elites and goes after the Chieftain to get revenge and stop Halo from firing. Taking on packs of Brutes, Ghosts and Wraith tanks, the Arbiter fights his way to the other side of the cliffs where he runs into an old friend…

Halo 2: Uprising

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another update!

The week was kicked off, with the Halo 2 level, Gravemind, and the continuation of the Halo 2 campaign. In this level Master Chief and the Arbiter both find themselves in the clutches of the Flood Gravemind. The Gravemind tries to pursuade the Arbiter the ring is a weapon, but he will not here it. To show him he sends the Arbiter and Chief to different parts of the Halo to find the Index and stop Halo from firing. The Chief is teleported to High Charity, the Covenant holy city, to look for the Index. There he must use Cortana’s insight from Covenant radio chatter to track down the Prophet of Truth and the Index. However it is not so straight forward. The Brutes and Elites are fighting amongst each other and there is a battle around every corner.

After that VPMaps Episode 22 was released and looked at the map, Cross. Cross is a symmetrical map with 2 main bases and each end with a large  round structure in the middle with 4 branching towers. There are also 2 secondary bases along the edges too. The map has a combination of vehicular warfare, close quarters and long range fights.

At the end of the week I continued my playthrough of Halo 3: ODST, with the level, ONI Alpha Site. In this level, Mickey and Dutch must help NMPD Officers and Marines protect the ONI headquarters in New Mombasa. They set charges on the bridge and detonate to stop the Covenants advance and head inside the buildings grounds. But the Covenant start sending in Phantoms with more troops and Wraiths. As the Covenant wear down the lines of Marines, the 2 ODST’s have to go inside the building itself, where they find more explosives and realise the building is to be destroyed if it cant be protected. The ODST’s and a group of Marines fight of more Brutes and then head to the roof for evac. As they fly away from the site, Mickey detonates the charges to save the buildings contents from enemy hands. They then get contacted by Buck who is with Romeo at the NMPD HQ.

Minecraft then had its turn, with The Guide to Survival Episode 4 was released, where I showed you more on building a house in the wild and how to get more materials.

That all for this week, onto next week!

At the start of next week, Halo 2 will continue with the level Uprising, where the Arbiter, like Chief, is sent to a location to find the Index and to get revenge on the Brutes. After that VPMaps episode 23 will showcase another competitive map. Halo 3: ODST will continue with the level, NMPD Headquarters, where Dutch and Mickey head to Buck and Mickey’s position but are shot down at the NMPD HQ. Buck and Romeo must get to them before the Covenant do. Minecraft The Guide to Survival Episode 5 will be out, where I continue my Minecraft adventure.

And that’s all for this week!

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