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Welcome to another weekly update!

The week started as usual, with the continuation of Halo 2’s Campaign. This week it was with the level, Quarantine Zone, where the Arbiter has meet up with a group of Elites and together they will push through the lines of Flood and Sentinels until they get to the Libraries entrance. Once their they must travel on a large Gondola facing off against invading Flood. After entering the Library, the Arbiter faces off with Sgt, Johnson and Miranda Keyes, but before Arbiter can get the Index, Tartarus steps in a takes the humans and the Index, then betrays the Arbiter and leaves him for dead.

After that, VPMaps Episode 21 was released which focused on the medium sized, symmetrical map, Pantheon. Pantheon is an interesting map as it is a combination of and inside arena, but it also has an outside with 4 bases and vehicles, meaning there can be multiple battlefields on the same map.

At the end of the week Halo ODST’s campaign continue with the level Kizingo Boulevard. In this level, the Rookie finds another clue, which flashes us back to Mickey’s perspective. 90 minutes after drop, Mickey stumble across a group of marines in combat. Mickey agrees to help by using a Scorpion tank to plough through enemy ranks. He then learns that all the marines are heading to a rally point, so Mickey and the other marines head to it. On his way Mickey picks up other marines and blasts through streets and courtyards full of enemies. When he reaches the rally point, he finds that Dutch is already there and the pair defend the position until and NMPD Officer brings them inside ONI Alpha Site.

On the weekend it was Minecraft’s turn and The Guide to Survival Episode 3 was released, were I showed you how to start building a simple house and getting all the materials to do so.

Onto next week!

Halo 2 will continue with the level Gravemind, were the Arbiter awakes in the clutches of the Flood Gravemind, and with him is none other that Master Chief. After talking about the truth of the Halo’s, the Gravemind sends the pair to find the Index and each of them are send to different places. In this level Master Chief is sent to the Covenant holy City of High Charity to look for the Index. After that, VPMaps will be back to look at another map in Episode 22. ODST will continue also with the level ONI Alpha Site, where some marines and police officers need Mickey and Dutches help with some explosives in an important building. Episode 4 of Guide to Survival will also be out after that.

As for Operation: Coastline, I have filmed about half the episode and I plan to do music and voices for those sections soon.

So that’s all for this week!

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