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The week was kicked off, with the Halo 2 level, Gravemind, and the continuation of the Halo 2 campaign. In this level Master Chief and the Arbiter both find themselves in the clutches of the Flood Gravemind. The Gravemind tries to pursuade the Arbiter the ring is a weapon, but he will not here it. To show him he sends the Arbiter and Chief to different parts of the Halo to find the Index and stop Halo from firing. The Chief is teleported to High Charity, the Covenant holy city, to look for the Index. There he must use Cortana’s insight from Covenant radio chatter to track down the Prophet of Truth and the Index. However it is not so straight forward. The Brutes and Elites are fighting amongst each other and there is a battle around every corner.

After that VPMaps Episode 22 was released and looked at the map, Cross. Cross is a symmetrical map with 2 main bases and each end with a large  round structure in the middle with 4 branching towers. There are also 2 secondary bases along the edges too. The map has a combination of vehicular warfare, close quarters and long range fights.

At the end of the week I continued my playthrough of Halo 3: ODST, with the level, ONI Alpha Site. In this level, Mickey and Dutch must help NMPD Officers and Marines protect the ONI headquarters in New Mombasa. They set charges on the bridge and detonate to stop the Covenants advance and head inside the buildings grounds. But the Covenant start sending in Phantoms with more troops and Wraiths. As the Covenant wear down the lines of Marines, the 2 ODST’s have to go inside the building itself, where they find more explosives and realise the building is to be destroyed if it cant be protected. The ODST’s and a group of Marines fight of more Brutes and then head to the roof for evac. As they fly away from the site, Mickey detonates the charges to save the buildings contents from enemy hands. They then get contacted by Buck who is with Romeo at the NMPD HQ.

Minecraft then had its turn, with The Guide to Survival Episode 4 was released, where I showed you more on building a house in the wild and how to get more materials.

That all for this week, onto next week!

At the start of next week, Halo 2 will continue with the level Uprising, where the Arbiter, like Chief, is sent to a location to find the Index and to get revenge on the Brutes. After that VPMaps episode 23 will showcase another competitive map. Halo 3: ODST will continue with the level, NMPD Headquarters, where Dutch and Mickey head to Buck and Mickey’s position but are shot down at the NMPD HQ. Buck and Romeo must get to them before the Covenant do. Minecraft The Guide to Survival Episode 5 will be out, where I continue my Minecraft adventure.

And that’s all for this week!

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