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Halo: Halo

Master Chief crashes in an escape pod on the surface of Halo and must sweep the area for marine survivors and determine they need to rescue the captain and form a resistance from the Covenant…

Halo: Halo

With Noble Teams gathered intel, the UNSC mount a huge assault on the Covenant landing zone. While the UNSC engages the bulk of the Covenant army, Noble 2 and 6 head to the surrounding cliffs to take out two heavy AA canons, to allow frigates passage to the area. They then head to a large spire, which the UNSC deem a valuable target. However, the Falcon that Jorge and Six are in crashes due to the protective shield. The 2 spartans head towards the spire, take out the Covenants guards and deactivate the tower. But when the spire is finally destroyed, something even more sinister is revealed…

Halo Reach: Tip of the Spear

Hey Guys!

Just a little update about my latest Minecraft series.

I have a bad cough at the moment brought on by Hay fever and Asthma, so if i try to talk for a long time, I end up just coughing.

So until my cough is gone or at least not as bad, there wont be any videos with my voice in, I don’t want to cough all over them.

So bare with me and stay tuned and I hope this goes quick so I can continue making videos!



The UNSC ship Pillar of Autumn come out of slipspace after escaping a doomed world and comes across a massive, mysterious ring. However the alien alliance know as the Covenant has followed then and the Spartan, Master Chief 117, is woken from cryo-sleep to repel the invaders…

Halo: The Pillar of Autumn

Noble Six and Jun must head to the Dark Zone of Reach and do recon on Covenant forces, but they also encounter heavy Covenant resistance on the way.

Halo Reach: Nightfall

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another weekly recap!

The week was kicked of by Halo Reach and its 2nd level, ONI Sword Base. In this level, Noble Team are tasked with protecting ONI Sword Base after a Covenant Corvette begins attacking the facility. Noble Six and Kat clear out the courtyard and proceed out the main gate via warthog taking on Grunts, Elite and Wraiths. They activate a COMMS array and an anti-air battery then head back to meet the rest of the squad when they move up the base clearing Covenant as they go. The reach the top and the order is given to use an Orbital Defence MAC round to bring down the corvette. Noble Team are then contacted by command that Catherine Halsey wants to meet them in the depths of Sword Base, where she tells them of an important discovery found by her dead scientist at Visegrad and that the Covenant are looking for artifacts on Reach.

Next the Trailer for the next Halo game was put out on the channel. This trailer for an unknown new Halo game was released at E3 and has been confirmed as not Halo 5. The official title and any more info on the game has not been released, as of yet.

After that Halo ODST had its last mission, Coastal Highway, where Rookie, Buck, Dare and Vergil must escape the city. They come up from underground and fight through the brutes to the Waterfront Highway which leads to the shipyards, where the rest of the squad are waiting in the Phantom. They take a Warthog and an Elephant transport and proceed down the highway, but the Covenant are out in force and Covenant forces blitz the highway, so the 3 and Vergil stop at a building and hold out against heavy Covenant forces until the Phantom arrives. The Squad and Vergil then escape the city as the Covenant glass and destroy New Mombasa.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time this week to make a VPMaps or Minecraft vid. VPMaps will take a break for a little while as I hit my 25th episode and that felt like a good time to stop to allow me to make more maps and concentrate on other projects (OPCL). Minecraft will return however.

Next week will start with the Halo Reach level, Nightfall, where Six and Jun must proceed to the dark zone to recon Covenant forces. Due to Halo ODST’s end, I will begin my last campaign play through in, of course, Halo Combat Evolved, the game that started it all. I will begin with the first bit next week. Minecraft: The Guide to Survival, will return as well.

And that’s all for this update!

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Rookie, Buck and Dare must escort the asset to the Waterfront Highway so they can drive to the squads captured Phantom. But not all goes to plan after the Covenant start destroying the city…

Halo 3: ODST: Coastal Highway

What’s up, Guys!

Time for another update!

This week kicked off with the start of my Halo Reach Campaign playthrough and will begin with Noble Actual and Winter Contingency. In these levels, Noble Team gets a new squad member, Noble 6 and the team embarks on their first mission, which is to investigate an offline communications array. But what they find is that the Covenant are to blame and are on Reach. The squad must fight their way to the array and contact Colonel Holland to tell him of the Covenant’s presence.

After that Halo: ODST took the stage with my playthrough of Data Hive, where Rookie goes don into the depths of New Mombasa, following a phantom signal from the cities AI. Down there he finds Captain Dare and they continue with their original mission; to secure the superintendents data. After fighting to the core, they discover the data has been taken by an Engineer, one of a species captured by the Covenant. As they are about to leave Buck shows up at the group fight their way to the exit of the underground tunnels.

VPMaps Episode 25 showcased a small, bridge like map, called Abridged. It is symmetrical in layout with 2 bases at either end and a structure in the centre with multiple ways around the map.

At the weekend, Minecraft made a return with The Guide to Survival Episode 6 where I began to explore the map and found a few villages along the way.

Next week will start with the Halo Reach level, ONI Sword Base, where Noble have to stop the Covenant advance on a vital UNSC Facility. ODST will have its last level Coastal Highway, where the squad have to get the asset out of the city before it is destroyed. VPMaps will take a look at another multiplayer map and on Minecraft, Guide to Survival will continue. This coming week is also E3, so wee will see if Microsoft throws anything Halo into the mix, Halo 5 maybe? We will just have to see what happens…

And that’s all for this update!

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343i’s E3 Announcement for Halo

Halo: E3 2013 Announcement

Noble Team head to ONI’s main base on reach to halt the advance of the new Covenant threat by clearing the base and taking out a Covenant Corvette class starship.

Halo Reach: ONI Sword Base