What’s up, Guys!

Time for another update!

This week kicked off with the start of my Halo Reach Campaign playthrough and will begin with Noble Actual and Winter Contingency. In these levels, Noble Team gets a new squad member, Noble 6 and the team embarks on their first mission, which is to investigate an offline communications array. But what they find is that the Covenant are to blame and are on Reach. The squad must fight their way to the array and contact Colonel Holland to tell him of the Covenant’s presence.

After that Halo: ODST took the stage with my playthrough of Data Hive, where Rookie goes don into the depths of New Mombasa, following a phantom signal from the cities AI. Down there he finds Captain Dare and they continue with their original mission; to secure the superintendents data. After fighting to the core, they discover the data has been taken by an Engineer, one of a species captured by the Covenant. As they are about to leave Buck shows up at the group fight their way to the exit of the underground tunnels.

VPMaps Episode 25 showcased a small, bridge like map, called Abridged. It is symmetrical in layout with 2 bases at either end and a structure in the centre with multiple ways around the map.

At the weekend, Minecraft made a return with The Guide to Survival Episode 6 where I began to explore the map and found a few villages along the way.

Next week will start with the Halo Reach level, ONI Sword Base, where Noble have to stop the Covenant advance on a vital UNSC Facility. ODST will have its last level Coastal Highway, where the squad have to get the asset out of the city before it is destroyed. VPMaps will take a look at another multiplayer map and on Minecraft, Guide to Survival will continue. This coming week is also E3, so wee will see if Microsoft throws anything Halo into the mix, Halo 5 maybe? We will just have to see what happens…

And that’s all for this update!

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