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Welcome to another weekly recap!

The week was kicked of by Halo Reach and its 2nd level, ONI Sword Base. In this level, Noble Team are tasked with protecting ONI Sword Base after a Covenant Corvette begins attacking the facility. Noble Six and Kat clear out the courtyard and proceed out the main gate via warthog taking on Grunts, Elite and Wraiths. They activate a COMMS array and an anti-air battery then head back to meet the rest of the squad when they move up the base clearing Covenant as they go. The reach the top and the order is given to use an Orbital Defence MAC round to bring down the corvette. Noble Team are then contacted by command that Catherine Halsey wants to meet them in the depths of Sword Base, where she tells them of an important discovery found by her dead scientist at Visegrad and that the Covenant are looking for artifacts on Reach.

Next the Trailer for the next Halo game was put out on the channel. This trailer for an unknown new Halo game was released at E3 and has been confirmed as not Halo 5. The official title and any more info on the game has not been released, as of yet.

After that Halo ODST had its last mission, Coastal Highway, where Rookie, Buck, Dare and Vergil must escape the city. They come up from underground and fight through the brutes to the Waterfront Highway which leads to the shipyards, where the rest of the squad are waiting in the Phantom. They take a Warthog and an Elephant transport and proceed down the highway, but the Covenant are out in force and Covenant forces blitz the highway, so the 3 and Vergil stop at a building and hold out against heavy Covenant forces until the Phantom arrives. The Squad and Vergil then escape the city as the Covenant glass and destroy New Mombasa.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time this week to make a VPMaps or Minecraft vid. VPMaps will take a break for a little while as I hit my 25th episode and that felt like a good time to stop to allow me to make more maps and concentrate on other projects (OPCL). Minecraft will return however.

Next week will start with the Halo Reach level, Nightfall, where Six and Jun must proceed to the dark zone to recon Covenant forces. Due to Halo ODST’s end, I will begin my last campaign play through in, of course, Halo Combat Evolved, the game that started it all. I will begin with the first bit next week. Minecraft: The Guide to Survival, will return as well.

And that’s all for this update!

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