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Welcome to a new recap and a new month!

The wee started as usual with Halo Reach’s campaign. This week, the level was Tip of the Spear. In this level, the UNSC launch a huge preemptive strike on the Covenant landing site, identified by Noble Six and Jun. The rest of the UNSC engage the Covenant while Six and Kat head to 2 AA guns and destroy them to allow UNSC frigates passage to the area. Then after fighting many Elites, Grunts, Jackals and even a Zealot, Six is picked up by a Falcon carrying Jorge. They are taken through a canyon, clearing out enemies as they go, to a large Covenant spire surround by a shield. They head through it but lose power and crash with only the 2 Spartans surviving. The clear out the enemies and head to the top of the spire an deactivate its shield. After leaving the spire a frigate is authorized to destroy the spire using a MAC round. However once the spire is destroyed, a Covenant Super Carrier is revealed and destroys the frigate, sending it crashing to the ground as Noble leave the area.

After that I continued with another campaign, Halo: Combat Evolved. This time it was the level Halo, where Master Chief is the one survivor of the lifeboat he took from the Pillar of Autumn. Chief  heads through the many canyons surrounding him, evading Covenant patrols, and finds an ancient structure with some surviving marines. They group holds out against the Covenant until evac arrives. Cortana spots more lifeboats inbound. The Pelican picks up the marines and leaves a Warthog and a handful of marines for Chief to use to head to the lifeboats and find survivors. The ‘Hog heads to a large opening in the cliff and heads through a series of passages and across a lightbridge taking out the Covenant on their way. The emerge in a large canyon, while multiple other ravines. Using the Pelicans intel the chief and marines head to different locations and help survives fend off attackers until they are picked up. With the last group of marines rescued, they Chief finds out that the Captain and some of the crew have been taken prisoner on board the Covenant ship Truth and Reconciliation. He boards the Pelican and the group head to rescue the Captain.

Next week will have a similar setup with Halo Reach’s level, Long Night of Solace, where Noble must take back a launch facility and use it to get Six into space and hatch out a plan of attack on the Super Carrier. Halo: CE will continue with the level Truth and Reconciliation, where the Chief and some marines head inside a Covenant ship to rescue Captain Keyes.

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