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After falling from orbit, Noble Six makes the long trek back to civilization. He arrives at the besieged city of New Alexandria. After making his way through some buildings, he meets up with a group of marines, who are helping civilians escape. After helping take out the Covenant in their way, he is picked up by a Falcon and taken to a beach front across from the starport. Here he helps marines get to missile batteries and activate them. Once he kills all the hostile enemies, the missiles are launched which allows the civilian transports the escape the city. Six is then contacted by a familiar voice…

Halo Reach: Exodus

Hey Guys!

Welcome to another update.

This week started with the continuation of Halo Reach’s campaign with the level Long Night of Solace. In this mission, Noble Team comes up with a daring plan to hit back at the Covenant. They head to a top secret SABRE launch facility and  fight back the Covenant attackers. Six and Jorge then board a Sabre space craft and head into space in the first stage of the plan. They then defend the Anchor 9 space station from Seraphs, Banshees and Phantoms, until the UNSC Savannah’s slipspace drive can be mounted to a Pelican. The Frigate, Sabre’s and the Pelican head to capture a Covenant Corvette, where they disable its defences and Six, with other marines land on the corvette and fight their war to the hanger. Unfortunately, the plasma cannons of the corvette are to much for the Savannah and it is destroyed, but they press on. They clear the hangar of enemies and the pelican lands. They defend the pelican until the slipspace drive is set-up, then Six and the marines head to the bridge to put the corvette into an intercept course with the Super Carrier. They then head back to the hangar to assist Jorge in defence of the pelican. However, the fight caused the pelican damage and the only way out of the corvette is by gravity. The slipspace drive is also damaged and must now be detonated manually. Jorge bravely sacrifices himself for Reach and Six can only watch as he falls back down to Reach and the Super Carrier is destroyed. However despite their efforts more Covenant ships arrive and the war for Reach escalates to a new level.

After that Halo CE’s campaign continued with the level Truth and Reconciliation, where Master Chief leads a group of marine to the Covenant Cruiser, Truth and Reconciliation to rescue Captain Keyes. They first head through the canyons in the immediate area towards the ships Gravlift, taking out all Covenant defences on the way. They head up into the ship with they try to find a way to the prison cells.  But with Cortana’s help the find several key areas such as the Hangar and the bridge. After taking on a manner of Covenant enemies, they find Captain Keyes in the brig and now must make their escape. Chief, Keyes and the remaining marines head back to the hangar, where a Covenant dropship is docked. The group steal the ship and fly their way out of the ship.

Next week Halo Reach will continue with the level Exodus, where Six must help out marines in the war torn New Alexandria. The same can be said for Halo CE with will continue with the level The Silent Cartographer, where Chief must find the map room of the Halo.

And that’s all for this update!

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