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Welcome to another update of the week just gone!

The week kicked of with the Halo Reach level Exodus. After falling from orbit, Noble Six makes the long trek back to civilization. He arrives at the besieged city of New Alexandria. He makes his way through some buildings and encounters and few Jackals and some Suicide Bombing Grunts, which charge him with primed Plasma Grenades. He then proceeds up to the tops of the buildings and meets up with a group of marines, who are helping civilians escape. After helping take out the legions of Covenant in their way across the many walkways and atriums he meets up with a group of Jet Pack ODST’s, known as the Bullfrogs, who move across to another building and take out the Brutes there. After clearing all enemies the civilians are evacuated, he is picked up by a Falcon and taken to a beach front across from the starport, aiding UNSC forces en route . Here he helps marines get to missile batteries and activate them. He activates the two on the lower part of the area, then moves up to the main building, which is heavily guarded. Once he kills all the hostile enemies, the missiles are launched which allows the civilian transports the escape the city. Six is then contacted by a Noble Two and Kat orders Six to be picked up and taken to their location.

After that, I resumed with Halo CE and took on the level, The Silent Cartographer. The UNSC forces on Halo have gathered intel which has lead them to this island. Cortana finds, that the map room of the Halo is on the island and Master Chief and a group of marines must land on the beach and take out the Covenant guards. A warthog is dropped of and Chief heads to one of the structures. However it is locked before he can get inside. Cortana reads that another structure on the other side of the island holds the security systems and Chief heads there to disables them. He heads through the centre of the island passing another structure and more Covenant. Inside he faces Covenant resistance including hunters. Chief heads through the tight corridors and unlocks the door. Unfortunately, a Pelican carrying heavy weapons is shot down and Chief gather the weapons to use against any more Hunters he may encounter. He then heads back to the first structure and heads inside. He proceeds through a complex series of rooms and halls, fighting a variety of Covenant forces. He finally reaches the Halo’s map room and Cortana locates the Control Room of Halo. He heads back outside the structure and boards Foehammers Pelican and they head through a structure in the centre which Chief spotted earlier and it opens to reveal a large open area inside the Halo…

Next week, the same set up resumes and at the start of the week Halo Reach’s New Alexandria will be out, where Six must pilot a Falcon and help Kat launch and counter attack against the Covenant. Later Halo CE will return with the level Assault on the Control Room, where Chief has located Halo’s Control Room and the UNSC begin their mission to secure it.

So that’s all for this update!

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