Category: Halo 4

I look at another of the Castle maps from Halo 4.

Castle Map Pack: Perdition Flythrough

I take a fly through one of the new Castle maps in Halo 4.

Castle Map Pack: Outcast Flythrough

I take a flythrough of one of the maps in the latest map pack.

Castle Map Pack: Daybreak Flythrough

Halo 4: Epilogue

The conclusion of Master Chief and the UNSC after the events of Halo 4.

Halo 4: Epilogue

“Coastal Facilities like these were built for multiple uses, however most were decommissioned for use as Spartan Training Areas.”

In this episode, I look at the map, Recourse, where each team has different equipment to combat the other, in the form of vehicles and power weapons.


VPMaps: Episode 12: Recourse

Halo 4: Midnight

In the final mission of Halo 4, Chief and Cortana must boards the Didacts ship and stop him using the Composer and neutralise the threat to Humanity…

Halo 4: Midnight

A flythrough of the new Halo 4 map, Skyline.

Majestic Map Pack: Skyline

A flythrough of the new Halo 4 map, Landfall.

Majestic Map Pack: Landfall

A flythrough of the new map Monolith in Halo 4.

Majestic Map Pack: Monolith

“Like the great rock formations. this station remains sound despite the harsh conditions below, and within, the facility.”

In this episode of VPMaps, I look at the multi layered, symmetrical map, Keystone.


VPMaps: Episode 11: Keystone