Category: Halo 4 Maps

“This New Alexandria complex was once filled with workers, but once the Covenant invaded, the building became a warzone.”

In this episode, I look at the urban-styled map, Annex.


VPMaps: Episode 24: Annex

“This structure was like most on Delta Halo yet its mysterious electromagnetic aura suggested it was more than a Forerunner ruin.”

In this episode, I look at the rocky, natural looking map, Regolith.


VPMaps: Episode 23: Regolith

“This simple, yet efficient, layout tested the skills of even the toughest Spartans in War Games training.”

In this episode, I look at the multi-towered and multi-based map, Cross.


VPMaps: Episode 22: Cross

“This ancient structure baffled UNSC scientists, but while looking for its purpose, they failed to see its hostile effects.”

In this episode, I look at the map, Pantheon, with both open and closed spaces for vehicles and close quarters.


VPMaps: Episode 21: Pantheon

“Places like these once housed the UNSCs core power generators before the war, but now the glow of the generators has faded”

In this episode, I look at the small, three-tiered map, Atrium.


VPMaps: Episode 20: Atrium

“After the war ended, the purpose of this site changed from ammunitions storage to CQB training”

In this episode I look at the small symmetrical map, Edifice.


VPMaps: Episode 19: Edifice

“The historic rivalry between theses two sides is almost as old as the rock that divides them”

In this episode, I look at the large, symmetrical map, Pike.


VPMaps: Episode 18: Pike

I look at another of the Castle maps from Halo 4.

Castle Map Pack: Perdition Flythrough

I take a fly through one of the new Castle maps in Halo 4.

Castle Map Pack: Outcast Flythrough

I take a flythrough of one of the maps in the latest map pack.

Castle Map Pack: Daybreak Flythrough