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In this episode, I take a look at the map, Sentinel.

VPMaps: Episode 8: Sentinel

“This ancient structure was once a place of peace and sanctity, but that peace has been shattered by the ring of conflict.”

In this episode I look at a medium sized map, Temple.

VPMaps: Episode 7: Temple

VPMaps: Episode 6: Outlook

VPMaps: Episode 5: Frontier

VPMaps: Episode 4: Waterlogged 

IGN Headlong (Breakneck) Halo CEA Gameplay 

IGN Installation 04 Halo CEA Gameplay

IGN Damnation (Penance) Halo CEA Gameplay 

IGN Prisoner (Solitary) Halo CEA Gameplay 

IGN Beaver Creek (Battle Canyon) Halo CEA Gameplay