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Hey Guys!

Just a little update about my latest Minecraft series.

I have a bad cough at the moment brought on by Hay fever and Asthma, so if i try to talk for a long time, I end up just coughing.

So until my cough is gone or at least not as bad, there wont be any videos with my voice in, I don’t want to cough all over them.

So bare with me and stay tuned and I hope this goes quick so I can continue making videos!



I bit of back story: me and my friend have been making worlds and living in them for quite some time, our skills advancing with each one. But one day we stumbled upon the seed of Toes and we vowed to never go back. But now we have reached a moment where we feel that our skills have become enough for us to survive the dreaded Toes and I want to share with you our experience.

Minecraft: The Legend of Toes Trailer