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The Arbiter continues his search for the heretic leader. However now a more deadly foe stand in his way…

Halo 2: The Oracle

A disgraced Covenant commander is given a second chance and becomes the Arbiter, the Hand of the Prophets and for his first mission he is sent, with a group of Covenant to a gas mine where he must track down and kill a Heretic leader.

Halo 2: The Arbiter

After a strange Covenant ship crashes in Voi, the Master Chief and the Arbiter, with some Elites and Marines, discover it carried the Flood and must destroy any Flood to prevent an infestation of Earth.

Halo 3: Floodgate

Master Chief and Cortana return to the fight after returning from Halo. On the orbital platform, Cairo Station, Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson and others are being awarded for their bravery on Halo, but just as the ceremony begins Cortana reports that a Covenant force has arrived at Earth and once again it is up to Master Chief to stop the incoming forces from harming the station. Also, amongst the wreckage of Halo, a Covenant Commander is shamed and disgraced for his failure to stop Halo’s destruction…

Halo 2: Cairo Station