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Halo 3: Halo

In the final level of Halo 3, Chief, Cortana and Arbiter, aided by Sgt. Johnson, must journey to the new Halo ring and battle through the Flood, to it’s control room, where they must activate the ring and escape before it fires.

Halo 3: Halo

Master Chief must journey deep into the crashed, Flood infested High Charity, to rescue Cortana, so she can help light the new Halo ring.

Halo 3: Cortana

After finding Truths position, all UNSC and Elite forces head to the Arks control room, where Truth has locked himself inside using shields. To get in, Chief, The Arbiter and Sgt Johnson must lead squads into three towers to disable the shield and stop Truth from firing all the Halo rings.

Halo 3: The Covenant

Halo 3: The Ark

Master Chief, the UNSC and the Elites have gone through the portal on Earth to discover a massive Forerunner installation. Chief must go down to the surface to clear a space for the frigate, Forward Unto Dawn, so reinforcements can be delivered. Chief and UNSC forces must then battle through lines of Wraiths, Ghosts and even a Scarab to get to the Installations Cartographer to find truths location so he can be put to justice.

Halo 3: The Ark