Assault Rifle

There are 3 types of Assault rifle, 1 in Halo Reach, 1 in Halo Combat Evolved and 1 in Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST. They are all very similar in all games and all serve a vital role in the games.

Assault Rifle Comparison

The Assault Rifle from Halo CE, the MA5B Variant is the
original variant and has been in service of the UNSC for more than 50 years. It has a magazine size of 60 rounds and can hold a maximum 660 rounds or 11 mags. Its damage per shot is quite low but it compensates for its high firing rate. it has a range of 300 metres and low to moderate accuracy.


  • Charge forward while firing in controlled bursts, then when in close range, break out into full auto, followed by a melee or two. This is a good tactic for taking down shielded Elites.
  • The rifle is quite effective against Warthogs. Move in perpendicular path to the Hog and fire on full automatic to quickly bring the driver down, using this with a correctly timed grenade is recommended.

The MA5C Assault Rifle Variant from Halo 3 and ODST, like its predecessor, it is  fully automatic. It now has medium damage and a range of 300 metres. It carries a magazine of 32 rounds down from 60 rounds and can carry a maximum payload of 384 rounds or 12 magazines compared to the MA5Bs 11 mags . It has a high rate of fire and an improved accuracy of low to medium.



  • During game play, it is recommended to use this with a plasma pistol, to use the overcharge to take down shields and then finish off your opponent with a few bursts from the rifle.
  • The fragmentation grenade used in combination with the assault rifle is also extremely effective. For example, if you are being pursued, jump around a corner and quickly throw the fragmentation grenade to bring down the target’s shield. Once your gun is back in hand, open fire. This should most likely bring your target down.
  • Short controlled bursts is recommended as when firing in Full-Auto it turns extremely inaccurate, so firing in bursts can increase the accuracy, thus hitting the target with more damage.

The Assault Rifle from Halo Reach is the MA37 Variant is the 3rd Assault Rifle variant. It is very similar to its counterparts in the fact it is fully automatic and the damage, accuracy and range are the same. The rate of fire has decreased on this rifle and the magazine can hold a maximum of 32 rounds and carry a maximum payload of 288 rounds, or 9 magazines, which is significantly less than
its equivalent.


  • A good tactic is to use the rifle for suppression fire. This means that you can spray the area of a target in order to get the enemy to keep their heads down. This is especially helpful if you are being fired upon by a sniper because even if one round hits the sniper, he is knocked out of the scope and will become disoriented. This gives you a chance to find cover or move in for the kill.
  • If you take out another player’s shields with an entire magazine, but do not kill him, try quickly switching to a headshot-capable weapon, such as the pistol (which is the default side arm), and aim for the head. One to two headshots will usually kill if the player has no shields.


  • In-game, there is no trigger on the grip of the MA5C, a trait shared by the MA5B in Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • The green button on the MA5C is a power on/off switch for the weapon’s flashlight, which is never used in game by playable characters.