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Battle Creek Remake

Battle Creek is a multiplayer level in Halo: Combat Evolved. It is an outdoors map set in a tiny canyon featuring two symmetrical bases that are separated by a small creek. Being one of the smallest multiplayer maps in the game, Battle Creek is well suited for small, usually team-based, games between two to eight players. It was later remade in Halo 2, as Beaver Creek and now i have remade it in Reach.

This Remake is different in several ways; it is much larger with a bigger battlefield for more players in game. It is now more vehicle orientated and has heavier weaponry, as shown below.  Game types on this map include, CTF, Assault, Team Slayer and SWAT.

DMR x10
Grenade Launcher x2
Rocket Launcher x1
Shotgun x5
Sniper Rifle x2
Machine Gun Turret x2
Needle Rifle x2
Plasma Repeater x4

Warthog x2
Ghost x2
Mongoose x2

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