Hey guys.

The Halo bulletin was out yesterday and talked about a number of things. The bulletin mainly focused on matchmaking updates. First of all, Grifball returns next week. The game mode developed by Roosterteeth’s Burnie Burns which has exploded across the Halo community and has become one of Halo’s most played game types.
Also in the Bulletin was details on a number of updates coming to matchmaking, including some info from Kevin Franklin from the 343 War Games team which is featured below.

“CSR – Competitive Skill Rank

We have been working closely with several internal teams on optimizing the ranking system, and working to integrate it into your Waypoint player profile, accessible on web, phone and tablet.

More Details:

• You will have a unique CSR visible per playlist.
• Your highest CSR across all playlists will be promoted in the player profile on Halo Waypoint.
• CSR uses familiar 1-50 scale.
• When CSR launches, everyone will start with a fresh rating.
Our targeted launch date for CSR is April 2013, and we will be re-configuring some of our most competitive playlists to accommodate the launch of the feature.”

Also detailed was the introduction of some new playlists, including how there were going forward with the introduction of rotational playlists and that Team Double and Grifball will stay after their introduction. Also the future playlists were revealed including Grifball, Extraction and Infinity CTF all of which will receive more details later on.

In terms of Spartan Ops, episode 7 will launch Monday with all new locations and missions!

That was a brief overview, but click here to read the Bulletin for yourself.

See you next time!