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Halo 4: Epilogue

The conclusion of Master Chief and the UNSC after the events of Halo 4.

Halo 4: Epilogue

Weekly Update #9 (24/02/13)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another update.

This week the amount of videos that were released was plentiful. At the beginning of the week the cinematic episode of Spartan Ops episode 10 was released. This episode was a 2 part cinematic, the first, titled Exodus, was shorter than a normal however it did not fail to deliver. In the first part, Jul Mdama, believing he has the Key takes the wounded Halsey and evacuates Requiem, but not before he initiates a command which alters the shield worlds orbit to pass into the nearby star, thus destroying it. Meanwhile on the Infinity, Lasky must find away to detach the Infinity from Requiems orbit and must deactivate 3 Forerunner devices. One is already in there possession, so Palmer, Majestic and Crimson must deactivate the remaining devices before Requiem is destroyed. In the 2nd part entitled, Epilogue, crimson and Majestic complete there objects and quickly speed back to Infinity where the massive vessel narrowly escapes the exploding star. Jul finds out that he needs both parts of the Key for it to work and Halsey will help him in turn for revenge on the UNSC for attempting to assassinate her and the story ends leaving us in the dark for what might come in next season or Halo 5.

Next, I uploaded the continuation of my Halo 4 play through with the level Composer, the 7th level of Halo 4’s campaign. In this level Master Chief, having stowed away aboard a Covenant Lich, follows the Didact to Halo Installation 03 where the Didact seeks a Forerunner weapon known as the Composer. Chief must try to stop the Didact while dealing with his rampant AI, Cortana.

In the middle of the week, episode 11th episode of VPMaps was released, this time the map Keystone was featured. Keystone is a symmetrical, small map with 3 levels and side platforms so that there are many options for combat situations and positions of fire.

Later in the week, I continued with my Halo 3 play through with the 2nd level of Halo 3, Crows Nest, where  Master Chief, the Arbiter and other marines must defend the UNSC base, Crows Nest, while a bomb is prepared for detonation and the base is evacuated.

Ans finally Episode 3 of my Minecraft series, The Legend of Toes was released. In this episode Owen finds materials and goes for the safe option, while Jamie works on his house while singing Disney songs and insists on Owen’s help with no avail. The pair then ascend the mountain of Toes and get a nice view of their island home.

In terms of next weeks videos, seeing as there is no more Spartan Ops I will be doing a fly through of all of the Majestic map pack maps, which include Skyline, Monolith and Landfall. After that the last level of Halo 4’s campaign, Midnight, will be released and VPMaps episode 12 featuring the asymmetrical, medium sized map, Recourse, will also be released. My Halo 3 play through will continue with the 3rd level, Tsavo Highway. Episode 4 of The Legend of Toes will also be released.

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The epic conclusion of Season One of Spartan Ops.

Halo: Infinity: S1: Ep10 – Exodus Epilogue

“Infinity must escape a deadly trap”

Halo: Infinity: S1: Ep10 – Exodus

Weekly Update #8 (16/02/13)

Hello all!

Another update has arrived!

This week was a successful one in terms of videos. On Monday, as usual, Halo: Infinity: Episode 9, Key, was uploaded. In this episode, the Forerunner, Librarian, gave Halsey a vital artifact which could change the course of Humanities survival, however things don’t go to plan as Palmer has been ordered to kill Halsey by ONI, while Lasky orders Fireteam Majestic to stop her. However, Jul ‘Mdama takes a wounded Halsey and one half of the Key and escapes while the other half is in the possession of  Spartan Thorne.

The continuation of my play through of Hal 4’s campaign was uploaded where I played the 6th mission, Shutdown, Where Chief is now on his own with no Infinity or UNSC. Now with only a rampant Cortana and a well equipted Pelican, Chief must fight through several towers to try and stop the Didact from leaving Requiem.

Episode 10 of VPMaps was also released which was my second episode in Halo 4 and looked at the map Discord, am medium sized map which 2 main bases and smaller ones next to them. The map has a lot of aesthetic pieces which are mainly huge guns which surround the edges of the map and one, destroyed one in the center of the map.

This week I decided I would do a play though of more Halo games, so this week I started by playing  the first bit of Halo 3’s campaign with the missions Arrival and Sierra 117 and I will continue with the Crows Nest and in the future I will have the full campaigns of most if not all the Halo games.

Putting Halo aside for the minute, Minecraft: The Legend of Toes: Episode 2 came out as well where me and Jamie continue are adventure in the world of Toes. In this episode Jamie tries to build his house in the dark, while Owen mines in safety. The GTA V release date is also discussed, but this was made before the game was delayed to the information is now out of date but that has been addressed in the description.

Now onto future videos. Next week I will upload the 10th and final cinematic of this season of Spartan Ops and will continue my Halo 4 play through with the 7th mission, Composer and also continue Halo 3 with the 2nd mission, Crows Nest. Episode 11 of VPMaps should also be out looking at the map Keystone. Also next week the 3rd episode of Toes will also be released.

Thank you for tuning in this week, so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!


Halo 4: Shutdown

The 6th level of Halo 4s campaign, Shutdown, where, with the Infinity leaving, Chief and Cortana must race through several forerunner towers to stop the Didact from leaving Requiem.

Halo 4: Shutdown

Doctor Halsey makes contact with the Forerunner known as the Librarian.

Halo: Infinity: S1: Ep9 – Key

Weekly Update #7 (9/02/13)

Hey everyone!

The time has come to take a look back at what has passed here and take a moment to look forward to the oncoming week.

This week was a week for beginnings, as I launched the first of two series. The first was VPMaps Episode 9, which was the first VPMaps episode to feature a map from Halo 4. In this episode I looked at a small/medium sized map called Cenotaph, which contained an assortment of long range and short range battles and interior spaces. The second video to start off a series was Minecraft: The Legend of Toes: Episode 1. The trailer for Toes came out last week and is now on the site. This is the first 10 minute episode of 8 and features me and my friend Jamie surviving our first night in the world of Toes, well sort of…

Other videos uploaded included Part 8 of the cinematic episodes of Spartan Ops in Halo 4. In this episode the fight on the Infinity comes to and end and Thorne and Dr. Glassman are reunited with Fireteam Majestic. However Dr. Halsey escapes and activates the Forerunner device controlled by Jul ‘Mdama. Continuing which another story, mission 5 of Halo 4’s campaign, Reclaimer, was uploaded where Chief, Lasky and a number of soldiers must brace the Covenant and Requiems gorges and valleys to eliminate heavy forerunner weaponry to allow the Infinity to destroy a gravity well and escape Requiem.

In regards to future videos, VPMaps episode 10 should come out next week sometime which will feature a large, more vehicle based, map than last episode in a map called Discord. Episode 9 of Spartan Ops comes out on Monday and is also the penultimate episode of season one of Spartan Ops. My campaign playthrough will continue with the 6th mission of Halo 4’s campaign, Shutdown. As I am doing a play through of Halo 4, I may take a look back in time and do play through’s of past Halo games , for old time’s sake. I am also hoping to do another lets play with Lewis like the Halo 4 multiplayer lets play which was uploaded a while back, maybe Halo 3 ODST firefight or something in Halo 3…

That’s enough of things in this week, so onto the next!

So stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!


The Prometheans’ attack come to a disturbing end.

Halo: Infinity: S1: Ep8 – Expendable

Weekly Update #6 (2/02/13)

Hello all!

It is time to reflect upon the week just passed and get ready for the next.

This week I uploaded five videos, the first was my play through of Halo 4’s 4th level of Halo 4′s campaign, Infinity. In this level Master Chief must reunite with the UNSC Infinity and its crew and hold off the Covenant attack and get the Infinity airborne. The next was the cinematic episode from the 7th part of Spartan Ops season 1, Invasion, where Infinity is under attack by the Prometheans and the Covenant. Also on Monday, there was a war games update which introduced Grifball as a playlist, I consequently uploaded a match of Halo 4’s Grifball. My last episode of VPMaps in Reach was released on Friday, which showcased the map Sentinel. Many of the maps I intend  to show in future VPMaps episodes have been created and enough have been finished to give me time to make a lot more while the episodes come out. I also uploaded a video of a feat I achieved in a war games match where I used a Warthog to get me to the blue teams base where a subsequently stole their Mantis and managed to get a Rampage before finally being brought down.

Also a bonus video was uploaded to my channel only for the time being. I spoke last week about my Minecraft series being developed and I can now confirm that it has arrived. Minecraft: The Legend of Toes Trailer was uploaded to my channel and the first episode will be up next week.

In regards to future videos I hope to upload Halo: Infinity episode 8 when it is released and continue my play through of Halo 4. I also hope to upload episode 9 of VPMaps which will focus on a symmetrical small map called Cenotaph.

That’s all from me this week so I will see you in the next!

So stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!