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The Arbiter and the SpecOps Leader, Rtas Vadum, lead a charge down the canyons and ravines towards Delta Halos Control Room. After facing off against packs of Brutes, Spectres and Wraiths and rescuing allies on the way, the Arbiter makes an unlikely ally with Sgt. Johnson, who has captured a Scarab Tank and they both decide to assault the control room. The Arbiter then faces of with Tartarus while the humans deactivate the ring.

Halo 2: The Great Journey

Master Chief must race to get aboard Truth’s ship before he takes off, however the Flood were on In Amber Clad when it crashed and has begun infesting the city.

Halo 2: High Charity

While the Master Chief was pursuing Truth, the Arbiter was sent to another location, the area surrounding Delta Halo’s control room. As he heads into the cliffs and gully’s, he finds dozens of murdered Elites. On knowing that Tartarus and the Brutes are responsible, he rounds up other Elites and goes after the Chieftain to get revenge and stop Halo from firing. Taking on packs of Brutes, Ghosts and Wraith tanks, the Arbiter fights his way to the other side of the cliffs where he runs into an old friend…

Halo 2: Uprising

Master Chief and the Arbiter both find themselves in the clutches of the Flood Gravemind. The Gravemind tries to pursuade the Arbiter the ring is a weapon, but he will not here it. He sends the Arbiter and Chief to different parts of the Halo to find the Index. The chief is teleported to High Charity, the Covenant holy city, to look for the Index.

Halo 2: Gravemind

After meeting up with fellow elites, Arbiter journeys into the flood infested area surrounding the Library, in order to retrieve the Index. However, the humans are just as eager to get it as he is.

Halo 2: Quarantine Zone

The Arbiter is given the dangerous task to retrieve the Index from Halo Installation 05’s Library. But before he can get there, he must go through the Sentinel and Flood infested Sentinel wall.

Halo 2: Sacred Icon

Halo 2: Regret

Master Chief has found out that the Prophet of Regret is planning to light the Halo. He has to track down the Prophet to finish him off once and for all.

Halo 2: Regret

The crew of the In Amber Clad, having followed the Prophet of Regret, stumble upon another Halo ring. Master Chief and some marines head to the surface to pursue the Prophet.

Halo 2: Delta Halo