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Halo: The Maw

Master Chief and Cortana must head to the wreckage of the Pillar of Autumn to set its self destruct to destroy the Halo. However the Covenant and the Flood arent the only thing in their way, as the Monitor and his sentinels also seek to stop them.

Halo: The Maw


Halo: Keyes

Master Chief and Cortana must battle through a Flood Infested Covenant cruiser in order to save Captain Keyes from his captors.

Halo: Keyes

Halo: Two Betrayals

After discovering the true purpose of Halo, Master Chief and Cortana must stop 343 Guilty Spark from activating Halo by taking 3 pulse generators offline. They must move through the large canyons and caves taking on the hoard of Flood and Covenant in their way…

Halo: Two Betrayals

Halo: The Library

Master Chief is teleported into a strange structure by the monitor, 343 Guilty Spark. He must follow the monitor through the Library to get the Halos Index. But first he must go through the many twists and turns for the structure, facing legions of Flood as he goes…

Halo: The Library

Master Chief heads to Captain Keyes last known position to warn him of the danger Cortana found. However Keyes is missing and Chief must find him amidst the Covenant infested swamp and Forerunner tunnels. But there is a new enemy that even the Covenant fear.

Halo: 343 Guilty Spark

The Arbiter and the SpecOps Leader, Rtas Vadum, lead a charge down the canyons and ravines towards Delta Halos Control Room. After facing off against packs of Brutes, Spectres and Wraiths and rescuing allies on the way, the Arbiter makes an unlikely ally with Sgt. Johnson, who has captured a Scarab Tank and they both decide to assault the control room. The Arbiter then faces of with Tartarus while the humans deactivate the ring.

Halo 2: The Great Journey

Master Chief must race to get aboard Truth’s ship before he takes off, however the Flood were on In Amber Clad when it crashed and has begun infesting the city.

Halo 2: High Charity

Halo 3: Halo

In the final level of Halo 3, Chief, Cortana and Arbiter, aided by Sgt. Johnson, must journey to the new Halo ring and battle through the Flood, to it’s control room, where they must activate the ring and escape before it fires.

Halo 3: Halo

Master Chief must journey deep into the crashed, Flood infested High Charity, to rescue Cortana, so she can help light the new Halo ring.

Halo 3: Cortana


Welcome to another weekly recap!

This week started with the continuation of my Halo 2 play through which brings us to the 2nd level of the campaign, Outskirts. In this level Master Chief, after fighting in space, heads down to the Earth’s surface into the besieged city of New Mombasa to dela with the Prophet of Regret. As he arrives the pelican he is in gets shot down by a Covenant Scarab and he must continue his mission from there. Chief, Johnson and other marines heads to a court yard, taking out Covenant on their way and regroup then take out waves of enemies including Hunters and Drones. The group then head to another rendezvous point and Miranda Keyes needs Johnson to deliver heavy vehicles to other squads of Marines. So Chief is left in charge of the marines and he must head through the streets facing snipers and lances of Covenant. He reaches another group of marines, who also were shot down, under fire from the Covenant. They are disposed of an Chief goes to the crash site and kills all the Covenant surrounding it. A Warthog arrives and Master Chief commandeers it and heads down the beach towards the carrier. After gunning down many Covenant positions, he arrives at a highway tunnel and takes out any Covenant inside to prevent them regrouping until he comes to the end of the tunnel where he must then deal with a bigger threat.

This week there was no video on Tuesday as I have something new planned which I will talk about later.

Mid-week, VPMaps Episode 14 was released where I looked at Sub Zero, a remake of the map Chill Out from Halo CE nad its previous remake from Halo 3, Cold Storage. This map is very similar to its predecessors in terms of structure and layout, but it does have different weapons and now has armour abilities due to Halo 4’s play style. The map was quite a challenge to build as the amount of rooms and different shapes meant that I was strained with forge pieces and I ran out of most of the walls and flat blocks. I ended uo using so many pieces, that Halo 4’s dynamic lighting system no longer works. However I am happy with the maps outcome and it still performs as well as the originals.

Later in the week, I continued Halo 3 with the level Floodgate. After Truth activated the portal and went through, another mysterious Covenant ship slipped in and crashed in Voi. Chief and the Arbiter soon find out that the ship carried the Flood and after them followed the Fleet of Retribution, a Covenant separatist fleet and allies to the Arbiter. They reveal that the Covenant Holy City, High Charity has fallen to the Flood and one ship breached their perimeter and headed to Earth. Chief, Arbiter and the Elites fight through Voi taking out all the Flood they find. Once they come near the ship. Johnson informs Chief that Cortana is on the ship and Chief must get her out. The group heads to the crash site and after taking out all the nearby Flood, Chief heads inside the ship. Once inside he finds Cortana module, however, he is then greeted by a familiar,yet hostile face. 343 Guilty Spark has survived and now claims his only purpose is to help Chief. Spark and the Chief head to the separatist carrier, Shadow of Intent, where Spark finds that it is only a message and not Cortana herself. The message tells them that the High Charity is on its way to Earth with a Flood army and says that there is a solution to rid them of the Flood. The message ends and Lord Hood argues with the commander of the Shadow of Intent, Rtas Vadum, as his efforts to stop the Flood are very destructive which aggravates Hood. However, he reluctantly agrees to let Miranda and the Elites go through the portal while he stays to defend Earth. The UNSC takes 2 Frigates and the Separatists have their fleet. The 2 sides prepare and head through the portal while Hood heads back to the surface.

Also at the end of the week, Jamie and I continued our adventure in the treachery of Toes with Episode 6 of our adventure. This time I finally decide to come above ground and build a house of my own and make significant progress, quite the opposite of Jamie, who slowly continues to develop his own home.

Next week there are more videos to come!

On Monday, the next level of Halo 2’s campaign, Metropolis, will be uploaded. In this mission Master Chief must continue his search for the Prophet, however, there is a Covenant Scarab in his way. Chief must fight through the Covenant infested city and try to destroy the Scarab and make it to the Prophets carrier. On Tuesday, since the Halo 4 playthrough is finished, I need something to fill the gap. I have decided to fill it with either and various video (Machinima, gameplay, trick) or a special feature on the site as I have started making Operation: Coastline again and every week I may put an update or clip on the site showing my progress on the episode I am working on. I am thinking that will be best for this Tuesday and I will tell you about the following Tuesdays in these updates every week. Mid-week, episode 15 of VPMaps will be out. This time, looking at another remake, this time of the map Wizard from Halo CE and Warlock from Halo 2. A lso The level, The Ark, of Halo 3’s campaign will be uploaded, where the UNSC and Elites investigate what is ont the other site of the portal. And as usual the dynamic duo challenging the world of Toes, will grace your screens and the end of the week as well.

On another note I uploaded my 150th video this week, so thank you to all my subscribers and my viewers. I hope to hit 200 videos and will see many more after.

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