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Halo Reach: Lone Wolf


Six and Emile must get the package to the ship; The Pillar of Autumn before the Covenant arrive and before it escapes Reach.

Halo Reach: The Pillar of Autumn

The remaining members of Noble Team head back into ONI Sword Base to destroy the base in an effort to stop the Covenant getting their hands of vital UNSC information. However, Noble take on an unexpected task…

Halo Reach: The Package

Noble Six is reunited with Noble Team, but there is now time for reunions. Six must help Kat by neutralising communication jammers and helping UNSC forces in the city of New Alexandria. Six pilots a Falcon and heads to the Hospital, the SinoViet Centre and Vyrant Telecoms Tower to destroy the jammers. He also aids UNSC forces who are in trouble and need help. He then heads to Kat in ONI’s Olympic Tower and defends it while evacuations take place. He then lands on the tower and meets with the rest of Noble. But the danger isn’t over yet. The Covenant start glassing extremely close to the building they are in and they rush to the bunker. But just outside the bunker, tragedy strikes Noble…

Halo Reach: New Alexandria

After falling from orbit, Noble Six makes the long trek back to civilization. He arrives at the besieged city of New Alexandria. After making his way through some buildings, he meets up with a group of marines, who are helping civilians escape. After helping take out the Covenant in their way, he is picked up by a Falcon and taken to a beach front across from the starport. Here he helps marines get to missile batteries and activate them. Once he kills all the hostile enemies, the missiles are launched which allows the civilian transports the escape the city. Six is then contacted by a familiar voice…

Halo Reach: Exodus

Noble Team comes up with a daring plan to hit back at the Covenant. They head to a top secret SABRE launch facility and Six and Jorge head into space in the first stage of the plan. They then defend the Anchor 9 space station until the UNSC Savannah’s slipspace drive can be mounted to a Pelican. The Frigate, Sabres and the Pelican head to capture a Covenant Corvette, where they will land the Pelican and slipspace drive inside, fly it to the Super Carrier and create an unstable slipspace rupture to destroy the ship. But the mission comes at a terrible cost to Noble Team…

Halo Reach: Long Night of Solace

With Noble Teams gathered intel, the UNSC mount a huge assault on the Covenant landing zone. While the UNSC engages the bulk of the Covenant army, Noble 2 and 6 head to the surrounding cliffs to take out two heavy AA canons, to allow frigates passage to the area. They then head to a large spire, which the UNSC deem a valuable target. However, the Falcon that Jorge and Six are in crashes due to the protective shield. The 2 spartans head towards the spire, take out the Covenants guards and deactivate the tower. But when the spire is finally destroyed, something even more sinister is revealed…

Halo Reach: Tip of the Spear

Noble Six and Jun must head to the Dark Zone of Reach and do recon on Covenant forces, but they also encounter heavy Covenant resistance on the way.

Halo Reach: Nightfall

Noble Team head to ONI’s main base on reach to halt the advance of the new Covenant threat by clearing the base and taking out a Covenant Corvette class starship.

Halo Reach: ONI Sword Base

Noble Team head out to investigate a offline Communications Array which has raised a few questions. However the team discovers much more than they bargained for and learn of something which will change Reach forever.

Halo Reach: Winter Contingency