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Hello folks!

Welcome to another recap of the passed week.

This week brought the usual batch of videos, however, at the beginning of the week, due to the lack of Spartan Ops and the new map videos in last weeks Monday slot, this meant I had to make something new for Mondays. So, this Monday marked the beginning of a new feature to my channel in the form of a campaign play through, only this time it is in the legendary Halo title, Halo 2.

This week started with the first mission, Cairo Station and the cut-scenes and tutorial with preceded it. At the start of Halo 2 in the Covenant Holy City, High Charity, amidst of the wreckage of Halo Installation 04, several prophets question an Elite Commander on how he let the Halo ring be destroyed and is branded a heretic for failing to protect it. Elsewhere in the galaxy, on a UNSC MAC weapons platform Master Chief has been given upgraded armour and tests its capabilities before he and Sgt Johnson head to their reward ceremony for their actions on Halo. Just as the medals are given, Cortana reports that a Covenant fleet has arrived in the solar system and begins the attack Earth and the Station. Master Chief and the Marines on board must defend the station at all costs, while the daughter of Jacob Keyes, Miranda, must pilot her ship and prepare to assault the enemy ships.

The next video came in the form of the Epilogue of Halo 4 where Master Chief is rescued from the wreckage of the Didacts ship and taken back to Infinity, where he and Lasky have a talk about Earth and Chiefs loss. The aftermath of the Didacts attack is seen in the city of New Phoenix and Chief heads a Spartan armouring station to take off his armour for the first time in the Halo series.

Mid-week, as per usual, the next episode of VPMaps was released which took a look at the remake of an earlier VPMap, Sentinel. If you watch the series you may remember that the map is small and symmetrical with lots of cover and structures, making the map host to many different zones where encounters can be, without someone interfering from the other side of the map. Little has changed in the Halo 4 counterpart, similarly named Sentry, the is only some minor differences. Due to Halo 4’s new forge some forge peices from Reach had to be exchanged, as they are no longer in the game. The same can be said for weapons as guns like the Spiker and the Needle Rifle are not present in Halo 4, other weapons had to substitute for them.

Towards the end of the week, I continued my Halo 3 Campaign play through with the level, The Storm. In this mission, Master Chief has escaped Crows Nest and arrived in Voi. Now with other UNSC forces, he must push through the Covenant lines and destroy several anti-air targets in the form of Fuel Rod Wraiths and huge plasma cannons, so that Lord Hood can strike the Prophet of Truth with and aerial assault in a counter attack against the Covenant.

Also at the end of the week, it was Minecraft’s time to shine as Jamie and I voyaged once more into the world of Toes in, Minecraft: The Legend of Toes: Episode 5. In this episode, we both gather materials mainly so Jamie can finally finish off parts of his house and I take a trip round the Island of Toes in a boat and make some discoveries. Jamie on the other hand, finishes his ground floor and can finally sleep in safety, but he insists on making another floor to his house, while I spruce up the ol’ homestead with a painting.

That was last week, now onto the next!

On Monday I will be continuing will my Halo 2 play through with the level Outskirts, where Chief and other marines must land in Old Mombasa and round up the surviving marines, so that they can clear any hostiles from the city. As for Halo 4’s campaign slot, I have something new in the works, but I will talk about that later on in the week. In the middle of the week VPMaps episode 14 will be out, looking at the map Sub Zero which is a remake of the Halo CE map Chill Out and the Halo 3 map Cold Storage. It is very true to the original, however it was an absolute pain in the bum to build and I ended up using so many forge pieces that the dynamic lighting no longer works… But I will release it nevertheless so you can have a look. Later in the week, I will continue with Halo 3 and the level Floodgate, where the parasitic Flood have crashed on earth and is starting to infect the local area. Episode 6 of The Legend of Toes will also be released, where the Toes Islanders continue their adventure.

So that’s all from me this week!

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Halo 4: Epilogue

The conclusion of Master Chief and the UNSC after the events of Halo 4.

Halo 4: Epilogue

What’s up, guys!

Welcome to another weekly update.

This week played host to an array of Halo news, as well as videos. The Halo 4 file share system was launched meaning that files from Halo 4 can now be shared and downloaded. You can read more about it here. Also, on Monday, the Majestic map pack brought three new multiplayer maps to Halo 4. Halo Waypoint and IGN put out some content on these maps and so did I, which brings us to this past weeks videos.

Early in the week, I uploaded 3 map flythroughs of the Majestic maps; Landfall, Skyline and Monolith. In my opinion I think these maps are some of the best that Halo 4 has so far. Their size and feel really bring back the memories of classic Halo multiplayer, so well done to 343 and Certain Affinity.

Also, early in the week, my Halo 4 Campaign play through has nearly come to an end as the final mission of Halo 4, Midnight, was uploaded. In the climax of Halo 4, Chief and Cortana must board the Didacts ship and stop him using the Composer and neutralise the threat to Humanity.

Mid week, the 12th episode of VPMaps launched showcasing the map Recourse. This is an asymmetrical map where each team has different equipment to combat the other, in the form of vehicle and power weapons. The map is loosely based on the map Last Resort from Halo 3 as one team has vehicles to play with while the other team has a chance to counter them with power weapons, however each team has an equal chance to grab the weapons in the centre. Also now that the file share is working, I have added links the the Halo 4 episodes so you can now download the maps featured in the episodes and will continue to do so for future episodes.

More campaign talk now, as I continued my play through Halo 3 with the 3rd level of Halo 3’s campaign, Tsavo Highway. In one of my favourite Halo 3 levels, Chief must retreat from the destroyed Crows Nest with the remaining Marine survivors. They mount up and roll out across the savannah and wreckage of what was once the outskirts of New and Old Mombasa. Fighting past packs of Brutes and lances of Jackals and Grunts, Chief must try and rendezvous with the UNSC in Voi, while the Covenant throws as many Choppers and Wraiths as the can to try and stop him.

Later in the week, things turned pixelated and blocky as Jamie and I continued our adventure in the world of Toes. Episode 4 was released this week, where Jamie tells of how to run away from a bear and finally gets a roof over his head, while Owen just sits back and wonders if Jamie will live through the night or will has stupidity result in a kiss with a Creeper…

That’s all of this week, now onto the next.

As Spartan Ops is finished and there is no more new Halo content coming, on Monday I will begin another play through of another Halo title and it will be none other than the critically acclaimed Halo 2. The first bit of Halo 2’s campaign will be uploaded and I continue with another level every week. The Epilogue of Halo 4’s campaign wasn’t launched alongside Midnight last week due to technical issues to I will upload it on Tuesday as usual with Halo 4’s campaign. Mid week, the 13th episode of VPMaps will be released looking at the map, Sentry. This a small symmetrical map and is a remake of one of my previous maps, Sentinel. Halo 3’s campaign will also continue with the 4th mission, The Storm, where Master Chief must take out some Covenant armour to allow for a UNSC counter attack. At the end of the week as usual Episode 5 of the Legend of Toes will be released and we will see what Jamie and I get up too after this weeks episode.

So until next week, I will see you later and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!


Halo 4: Midnight

In the final mission of Halo 4, Chief and Cortana must boards the Didacts ship and stop him using the Composer and neutralise the threat to Humanity…

Halo 4: Midnight

A flythrough of the new map Monolith in Halo 4.

Majestic Map Pack: Monolith

Weekly Update #9 (24/02/13)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another update.

This week the amount of videos that were released was plentiful. At the beginning of the week the cinematic episode of Spartan Ops episode 10 was released. This episode was a 2 part cinematic, the first, titled Exodus, was shorter than a normal however it did not fail to deliver. In the first part, Jul Mdama, believing he has the Key takes the wounded Halsey and evacuates Requiem, but not before he initiates a command which alters the shield worlds orbit to pass into the nearby star, thus destroying it. Meanwhile on the Infinity, Lasky must find away to detach the Infinity from Requiems orbit and must deactivate 3 Forerunner devices. One is already in there possession, so Palmer, Majestic and Crimson must deactivate the remaining devices before Requiem is destroyed. In the 2nd part entitled, Epilogue, crimson and Majestic complete there objects and quickly speed back to Infinity where the massive vessel narrowly escapes the exploding star. Jul finds out that he needs both parts of the Key for it to work and Halsey will help him in turn for revenge on the UNSC for attempting to assassinate her and the story ends leaving us in the dark for what might come in next season or Halo 5.

Next, I uploaded the continuation of my Halo 4 play through with the level Composer, the 7th level of Halo 4’s campaign. In this level Master Chief, having stowed away aboard a Covenant Lich, follows the Didact to Halo Installation 03 where the Didact seeks a Forerunner weapon known as the Composer. Chief must try to stop the Didact while dealing with his rampant AI, Cortana.

In the middle of the week, episode 11th episode of VPMaps was released, this time the map Keystone was featured. Keystone is a symmetrical, small map with 3 levels and side platforms so that there are many options for combat situations and positions of fire.

Later in the week, I continued with my Halo 3 play through with the 2nd level of Halo 3, Crows Nest, where  Master Chief, the Arbiter and other marines must defend the UNSC base, Crows Nest, while a bomb is prepared for detonation and the base is evacuated.

Ans finally Episode 3 of my Minecraft series, The Legend of Toes was released. In this episode Owen finds materials and goes for the safe option, while Jamie works on his house while singing Disney songs and insists on Owen’s help with no avail. The pair then ascend the mountain of Toes and get a nice view of their island home.

In terms of next weeks videos, seeing as there is no more Spartan Ops I will be doing a fly through of all of the Majestic map pack maps, which include Skyline, Monolith and Landfall. After that the last level of Halo 4’s campaign, Midnight, will be released and VPMaps episode 12 featuring the asymmetrical, medium sized map, Recourse, will also be released. My Halo 3 play through will continue with the 3rd level, Tsavo Highway. Episode 4 of The Legend of Toes will also be released.

So until next week, this is Vezuvius signing out, don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!


Halo 4: Composer

Master Chief, having followed the Didact from Requiem, arrives at Halo Installation 03, where he must stop the Didact from retrieving a powerful Forerunner weapon and deal with his rampant AI, Cortana.

Halo 4: Composer

The epic conclusion of Season One of Spartan Ops.

Halo: Infinity: S1: Ep10 – Exodus Epilogue

“Infinity must escape a deadly trap”

Halo: Infinity: S1: Ep10 – Exodus

Weekly Update #8 (16/02/13)

Hello all!

Another update has arrived!

This week was a successful one in terms of videos. On Monday, as usual, Halo: Infinity: Episode 9, Key, was uploaded. In this episode, the Forerunner, Librarian, gave Halsey a vital artifact which could change the course of Humanities survival, however things don’t go to plan as Palmer has been ordered to kill Halsey by ONI, while Lasky orders Fireteam Majestic to stop her. However, Jul ‘Mdama takes a wounded Halsey and one half of the Key and escapes while the other half is in the possession of  Spartan Thorne.

The continuation of my play through of Hal 4’s campaign was uploaded where I played the 6th mission, Shutdown, Where Chief is now on his own with no Infinity or UNSC. Now with only a rampant Cortana and a well equipted Pelican, Chief must fight through several towers to try and stop the Didact from leaving Requiem.

Episode 10 of VPMaps was also released which was my second episode in Halo 4 and looked at the map Discord, am medium sized map which 2 main bases and smaller ones next to them. The map has a lot of aesthetic pieces which are mainly huge guns which surround the edges of the map and one, destroyed one in the center of the map.

This week I decided I would do a play though of more Halo games, so this week I started by playing  the first bit of Halo 3’s campaign with the missions Arrival and Sierra 117 and I will continue with the Crows Nest and in the future I will have the full campaigns of most if not all the Halo games.

Putting Halo aside for the minute, Minecraft: The Legend of Toes: Episode 2 came out as well where me and Jamie continue are adventure in the world of Toes. In this episode Jamie tries to build his house in the dark, while Owen mines in safety. The GTA V release date is also discussed, but this was made before the game was delayed to the information is now out of date but that has been addressed in the description.

Now onto future videos. Next week I will upload the 10th and final cinematic of this season of Spartan Ops and will continue my Halo 4 play through with the 7th mission, Composer and also continue Halo 3 with the 2nd mission, Crows Nest. Episode 11 of VPMaps should also be out looking at the map Keystone. Also next week the 3rd episode of Toes will also be released.

Thank you for tuning in this week, so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!