Hey everyone!

The time has come to take a look back at what has passed here and take a moment to look forward to the oncoming week.

This week was a week for beginnings, as I launched the first of two series. The first was VPMaps Episode 9, which was the first VPMaps episode to feature a map from Halo 4. In this episode I looked at a small/medium sized map called Cenotaph, which contained an assortment of long range and short range battles and interior spaces. The second video to start off a series was Minecraft: The Legend of Toes: Episode 1. The trailer for Toes came out last week and is now on the site. This is the first 10 minute episode of 8 and features me and my friend Jamie surviving our first night in the world of Toes, well sort of…

Other videos uploaded included Part 8 of the cinematic episodes of Spartan Ops in Halo 4. In this episode the fight on the Infinity comes to and end and Thorne and Dr. Glassman are reunited with Fireteam Majestic. However Dr. Halsey escapes and activates the Forerunner device controlled by Jul ‘Mdama. Continuing which another story, mission 5 of Halo 4’s campaign, Reclaimer, was uploaded where Chief, Lasky and a number of soldiers must brace the Covenant and Requiems gorges and valleys to eliminate heavy forerunner weaponry to allow the Infinity to destroy a gravity well and escape Requiem.

In regards to future videos, VPMaps episode 10 should come out next week sometime which will feature a large, more vehicle based, map than last episode in a map called Discord. Episode 9 of Spartan Ops comes out on Monday and is also the penultimate episode of season one of Spartan Ops. My campaign playthrough will continue with the 6th mission of Halo 4’s campaign, Shutdown. As I am doing a play through of Halo 4, I may take a look back in time and do play through’s of past Halo games , for old time’s sake. I am also hoping to do another lets play with Lewis like the Halo 4 multiplayer lets play which was uploaded a while back, maybe Halo 3 ODST firefight or something in Halo 3…

That’s enough of things in this week, so onto the next!

So stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribefollow,  like and visit the site for more!