Hello All!

I have continued working on Operation: Coastline and, following on from the last update, I have completed all of the base footage and acting I need for the episode. The only bits I need to do now is music and voice work, then the episode should be out sometime next week I am hoping.

I thought I would take this time to tell you some things about the episode. At the beginning I have many more episodes planned in the full series, but while making episode 2, I discovered that the story in each episode would be very short and too short for my liking. So episode 3 is actually 3 episodes combined into one and this has been the case for most of the future episodes. If you have a good eye you can probably see where the episodes would be in episode 3.

In this episode, called Interrogation, takes place a few hours after episode 2. This is a bit of an outline of the episode. At outpost c9, Hardy and McCowan decide to transfer the elite to a high security facility, Shore talks to ONI about New Mombasa and ODST’s have a fight.

Well, that’s your lot!

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