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Vezuvius here with the weekly recap!

Monday marked the end of the Halo 2 Playthrough with the last level of the campaign, The Great Journey. In this mission, the Arbiter and some other elites storm through the canyons and gullies towards the Control Room, killing brutes and rescuing elites on the way. Their goal is to capture a Scarab so they can gain entry to the control room, but just as they arrive, the Scarab is captured by Sgt. Johnson. Johnson and the Arbiter make unlikely allies as they decide to stop Tartarus together. They head to the Control Room and Johnson uses the Scarab to destroy the doors and the Arbiter goes inside to stop the Chieftain from firing Halo.

Mid-week, I continued with Halo 3: ODST’s campaign, this time with the level Kikowani Station. In this level, the squad have to get out of the city, but with Romeo injured, time is of the essence. They head down to the subway and hope to get a train out of the city, but the station has been overrun by Covenant. Buck decides to hijack a Phantom and escorts the squad in a Banshee as they head through the station to the cities exit.

Unfortunately, there was no VPMaps or Guide to Survival this week, as I fell ill and didn’t have the time, or morale, to make the videos. However, I am feeling better now and the videos will return next week, and speaking of which…

To replace Halo 2’s campaign, I will start my penultimate playthrough in Halo Reach which will start with Winter Contingency. ODST will continue with the level Data Hive, where the Rookie finally meets up with a squad member, in the depths of New Mombasa. VPMaps will showcase a new map and a new Guide to Survival will also be out.

And that’s all for this update!

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